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Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience (ICNS)

ICNS provides evidence-based, peer-reviewed information to practicing clinicians on the latest treatment options in neuroscience, and provides the latest innovations in the drug development arena to investigators, scientists, members of industry, and other entities involved in the field of neuroscience.


Bariatric Times

Bariatric Times is a peer-reviewed, monthly journal (www.bariatrictimes.com) that offers multidisciplinary healthcare professionals in bariatric care evidence-based information regarding total patient care, new clinical findings and surgical techniques, industry developments, and all relevant topics and insights that can be applied to the clinical setting.


Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology (JCAD)

JCAD is a peer-reviewed journal that provides dermatologists with emerging, up-to-date, evidence-based information on the latest research, treatment options, and new techniques in both the clinical and aesthetic dermatology sectors.


Nutrition Health Review (NHR)

NHR—the Consumer’s Medical Journal©—provides evidence-based information on the latest developments in nutrition and healthy living to consumers with an interest in health and well-being.


MATRIX CONTENT XPRESS — Disease State Updates

MATRIX CONTENT XPRESS delivers disease-state updates and education through customizable, multi-channel marketing campaigns where Pharma and Medical Device companies can leverage trusted content and late-breaking clinical news and highlights to reach HCPs through their preferred method of consuming medical information.

Marketing Features & Benefits

  • MMC expert editorial staff curates and disseminates valuable HCP education
  • Quick to market, 95% of MMC programs do not involve medical legal review
  • Reach “do-not-call” HCPs, high or low decile physicians, and secondary markets effectively and efficiently
  • Maximizes prescriber engagement in a mobile world
  • Builds brand awareness, MOA information and supports brand messaging
  • Disease state education, diagnosis, support, and clinical management information delivered to key stakeholders in the delivery of effective patient care
  • Augments sales force promotion
  • Targeted reach: list match available, segmented geographically, by decile, etc.
  • High engagement – integrated traffic drivers
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MMC delivers trusted education to HCPs through our Websites, eNewsletters, eAlerts, eJournals, and Apps.  We offer custom content curation in addition to banner advertising on the existing digital assets supporting our publications.  Custom campaigns can be sole-sponsored for 100% SOV or combined with non-competitive advertisers as needed.

  • Targeted reach: list match available, segmented geographically, by decile, etc.
  • High Engagement – open and click rates well above industry standards
  • Guaranteed impressions/engagements offered
  • Performance metrics delivered within 2 weeks and ongoing throughout hosting period
  • Augments sales force promotion
  • Multi-channel approach includes integration of all campaign components
  • HCP-level data included for target list matched campaigns


MMC produces live events as well as live and on-demand webcasts in several areas of medicine.  Accredited by the California State Board of Nursing to provide CE Nursing credits, MMC’s years of experience in meeting management and content development result in programs that are evidence-based and scientifically rigorous.  Furthermore, MMC Meetings are a “turn-key” solution, where our content experts handle everything from:

  • Audience generation
  • Faculty and program development
  • CE/CME accreditation
  • Logistics & travel
  • Food & beverage
  • Enduring materials
  • Hosting and on-going promotion with integrated marketing tactics


MMC publishes must-read textbooks that serve to guide practitioners and patients through potential medical minefields such as the emotional effects of bariatric surgery and incorporating psychotherapy for complex conditions into a 15-30 minute psychiatry appointment.  As with all MMC offerings, the textbook division focuses on evidence- and science-based solutions to help improve outcomes for people suffering with chronic conditions.


MMC has access to 50 million consumer postal address & 20 million email addresses segmented by 75 aliments. Through the MMC Communications Network, we can disseminate patient education and information to a patient population and segment the recipients by ailment, geo-location, demographics, etc.

In addition, because of our access to over 250,000 US-Based HCPs, we can integrate promotional (co-pay cards, rebates, product information, etc.) and/or educational material to physicians and their patients simultaneously, creating collaboration and consistency.

Our newest consumer launches include: