Matrix Medical Communications (MMC) is a full-service publishing and communications company that is committed to innovation and the flow of ideas among healthcare clinicians, researchers, and members of industry across all disciplines of medicine. Our innovative services are designed to enhance communication and understanding of the latest medical treatments and technologies by providing practical information, accessible across multiple formats, that can be used to improve patient care, expand research and development for new treatments, and facilitate B2B collaboration and communication. Our core areas of focus include neuroscience, bariatric and metabolic medicine, neonatology, oncology, infectious disease, and dermatology; however, we offer full service for clients involved any disease state, discipline of medicine, or area of research.  Publishing and promotion opportunities are available through our multichannel platform, Matrix Content X-Press 2.1.


Giselle J. Geddes, MD

Dr. Geddes is the Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of the company. She oversees the content development of the company’s journals, textbooks, symposia, and other educational products to ensure quality and accuracy. With her clinical expertise, Dr. Geddes has helped MMC become the leader in the dissemination of high-quality, evidence-based information for healthcare clinicians and their patients.

Robert L. Dougherty

Bob (aka Rob and Doc) is President, Co-Founder, and Group Publisher of MMC and has been guiding the growth and development of the company since opening its doors on February 2, 2004. With his energetic, driven, hands-on approach, Bob expertly leads the team, working with members of each division to develop products and services of the highest quality for our clients. His exceptional relationship-building and communication skills have led to long-term collaborative relationships and innovative programs with key stakeholders in multiple disciplines of medicine.

Elizabeth A. Klumpp

Elizabeth is Vice President and Director of the Editorial Department for the company. She oversees content development and quality, the peer-review process, design, and production for all divisions. Elizabeth has a passion for transforming scientific research into easy-to-read, easy-to-apply information that is visually appealing. She works with the co-founders, publishers, sales team, and editorial staff of the company to develop and produce top-quality publications and programs for our clients across multiple disciplines of medicine.

Joseph J. Morris

Joe is Senior Vice President of Business Development. With his acuity in business and finance management and his friendly demeanor, Joe helps drive the company’s overall growth and success and is a well-known and respected force in the publishing industry. Joe founded MMC’s peer-reviewed publication, The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, and continues to work with the publisher, sales team, and editorial staff to ensure the journal’s quality and presence as a leading publication in the ever-evolving field of dermatology. Joe also assists the company in developing innovative, successful products and programs for our clients across all markets.

Christine C. Franey

Christine is Vice President of Business Development for MMC. She drives the development of strategic, multi-channel solutions for our clients. With her keen sense of business and flair for numbers, Christine has a knack for recognizing emerging trends in the industry and creating effective marketing programs with measurable results for our clients.

Patrick Scullin

As Director of Business Finance, Pat is responsible for the day-to-day financial health of the company. He works with all team manaagers to develop effective strategies for overall financial growth of the company.

Ali Kinnie

Ali is Publisher and Director of Digital Media for the company. Her ability to design and implement effective marketing strategies for our clients in the digital arena is known throughout the industry. Ali works closely with the sales and editorial teams to develop and deliver high-quality, content-driven products that fully engage targeted physician markets—providing healthcare professionals with evidence-based information for optimal patient outcomes while increasing their awareness of new product launches and other important announcements from our clients.

Christopher R. Moccia

Chris is Director of Business Development and Associate Publisher for MMC’s Bariatric and Dermatology divisions. With a quick mind and an eye for potential growth opportunities, Chris turns ideas into successful programs for new clients. Chris is constantly exploring the markets for emerging trends and new technologies that can become part of the creative, effective products for which MMC is known to deliver. Chris also helps to develop our Hot Topics program—a series of custom journals that focus on specific disease states from all disciplines of medicine

Emily A. Scullin

Emily is a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and assists the sales and editorial teams in the development and production of MMC’s many product offerings. She is also the Associate Director of Business Development, working closely with the other team leaders in the development of strategic, multi-channel solutions for our clients.

Julia E. Eckert

As the Managing Editor of The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology (JCAD), Julia plans and executes the monthly production of this peer-reviewed journal and its supplements. She also oversees the dissemination of dermatology-related digital content via emails to JCAD’s digital subscribers, journal content on, and video content on

Austin K. Vitelli

Austin is Managing Editor of Bariatric Times and the Hot Topics programs across all disease states. He also oversees the analytics department, using metrics to drive decision-making for developing content in future print and digital programs.



MMC can reach virtually any US-based physician via postal and/or email address. Within the last 12 months, our multichannel campaigns have provided multiple touchpoints to over 250,000 healthcare professionals (HCPs) nationwide. We reach global markets through our digital campaigns as well.


MMC has access to 50 million consumer postal address and 20 million email addresses segmented by 75 aliments. Through the MMC Communications Network, we reach every dermatologist in the US—as well as all dermatology NPs, PAs, and residents—with both our print journal and its online digital assets (e-Newsletters, JCAD app, and digital supplements).